Mybeam brings together the diverse expertise of a team of professionals with extensive experience in architectural surveying and laserscanning


Mybeam was founded with the aim to bring together the several expertise of a group of professionals, active in surveying, within a single entity, focused on providing highly specialized services to structural design and architecture.

We provide laser scanner survey and the connected Bim/ Cad graphic processing  in a variety of areas of interest: architecture, engineering, construction, archaeology etc..
We follow the customer from the preliminary consultation on the characteristics of the survey, until 2D or 3D deliverable production, if need be equipped with virtual, photographic and matter port tours.

To realize our survey campaigns, we use the most advanced technologies and tools. The constant research for the highest accuracy and precision, allows us to obtain results more and more in line with the expectations of our customers.

Know How

The technical expertises of the group of Mybeam professionals  develop from a total of over 40 years of experience in the topographic and precision surveying field.

The use of the most recent 3D and photogrammetric surveying technologies, combined with traditional topographic techniques, allows to increase the level of detail of the acquired information, keeping the times and costs under control, furthermore guaranteeing the accuracy of the results.

The introduction, in the operational workflow, of skills in the BIM field allows Mybeam to meet the needs of the most demanding and at the vanguard customers, providing As-built 3D models that reflect the real geometries detected.


The range of offers developed by Mybeam Professionals is managed with a perspective of continuous growth and development of the proposed services, tailored to the customer’s request.

The multi-disciplinarity and the different degree of in depth analysis used in the approach, allow to identify the coordinates of the exact starting point and to pinpoint with certainty the point of arrival, both in data collection and in subsequent modeling activities.

Mybeam flexibility originates and is nourished by the continuous desire to improve our knowledge in relation to the possibility, offered to the customers, to identify with the specific service offered and with the constant of the highest quality in the response received.


The conversion of a laser scanner survey, from the essential elements to the construction of a tailor-made model, requires both expounders that are  attentive to details and a management inspired by the specific needs of the customer.

The translation of the demands, sometimes made by the client himself, into requirements, is collected, reformulated or confirmed on the basis of technical and saving opportunities in a preliminary consultation phase.

Fundamental and guiding process for the management of mybeam is therefore the synthesis: the composition of a whole- the organic output that answers the customer – starting from the essential elements planned in view of its need. The mybeam professionals express the synthesis of knowledge and activities that translate a thing as it is into its model, consistent and usable.