3D Laserscanning

Measuring the built environment in 3D, is one of the main competences of 3DScan.

With the growing of BIM (Building Information Modeling) the main AEC companies are extracting more value from their investment using Scan-to-BIM services in their workflows. When used for the survey of existing buildings, the 3D laser scanner is able to quickly determine the physical structures, and when it is integrated with BIM allows our customers to quickly and accurately analyze and access to the building even before it starts design phase. With these data, the designer / owner can better evaluate, compare and classify the environmental and financial impact of the project.


Ideal for existing buildings (internal and external) with complex geometries, which are difficult to measure.
Historical and archaeological sites are ideal for laser scanning in the arrangement of digital documents.


  • 10 times faster than conventional techniques
  • Measurement accuracy of 1.5 mm to 5 mm depending on the distance of the measured object
  • High coverage of the scanned area, thus eliminating costly return trips
  • Point clouds can be geo-referenced to the control points on the site
  • It‘s possible to create documents similar to a digital photograph
  • Reduction of project costs for the elimination of errors due to the poor quality of the documentation Asbuilt