BIM e 3D modeling

Most of the 3D models that we provide, are produced from a laser scanner survey carried out by our teams with equipment owned, controlled and verified by qualified personnel in the implementation of BIM models.

The 3D laser scanner capture and represent the geometrical information in the form of three-dimensional point clouds, from which you can then extract the 2D/3D model. We are also able to implement BIM 3D models, starting from point clouds or 2D graphical representations provided by the customer.

Topographic BIM

In some cases, the designer needs to contextualize their work in a 3D environment responsive to reality.

To meet this need, we are able to reconstruct portions of the urban landscape, starting from laser scans supplemented by topographic surveys, and prepare a detailed 3D CAD model. Within the model it’s also possible to represent the facades of buildings.